How to create a high converting landing page

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Landing pages can be seen as an extension of your website or your marketing. A landing page is essential for generating quality leads or sales for your business, and is advantageously used as a link in your conversion campaigns. This is a quick guide on how to set up your landing page to maximise your leads or sales.

  1. When talking about landing pages, less is more. Try to keep your landing page as clean as possible. As opposed to original websites, you don't want people to have the ability to click on links and navigate to other sites or pages. A landing page is used for one specific reason - to generate leads OR sales.

  2. Make your contact form simple and visually appealing. As the contact form is the main purpose of the landing page, you should keep it as prominent and easily understood as possible.

  3. Have a clear CTA (Call to Action). Make it as easy as possible for people to understand they have reached the right site when clicking your link. Otherwise, your bounce rate will most likely become a problem.

  4. Use a selective question. If you find you generate tons of leads but only a few end up converting, add a question which likely will discourage those who aren't absolutely convinced they want to be contacted. This way you will generate high quality leads for your business.

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